Door Handle Alarm

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Product Overview

  • ATTENTION-GRABBING: Extremely loud 110dB alarm helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruder and possibly notifies neighbors, audible up to 600 feet (185m) away
  • USER-FRIENDLY & VERSATILE: 3 adjustable settings (off/alarm/chime); chime mode is ideal to alert you when children or guests are coming and going when you are at home; alarm mode features 30-second activation delay to prevent immediate false triggering, but sounds immediately when doorknob is touched anytime after the initial 30-second delay
    HOME: entry doors, bedroom doors, houses & apartments
    TRAVEL: hotel rooms & dorm rooms
  • EASY INSTALLATION & WORKS DURING POWER OUTAGES: No wiring needed (requires 3xAAA batteries, not included); simply hang the alarm on the inside of your door handle - perfect travel alarm! 
  • RELIABLE: Backed by 40 years in the security industry and developed by the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide. ISO 9001:2008 certified