Fake Outdoor Security Camera

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Product Overview

  • PRACTICAL & INNOVATIVE: Gives potential trespassers the illusion they’re being watched at the fraction of the cost of a real security camera; cheap and effective way to deter intruders 
  • VERSATILE & CONSUMER PREFERRED: Ideal for residential and commercial use; suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY: Flashing red LED light grabs attention to deter potential intruders
  • REALISTIC APPEARANCE: Inexpensive solution with a professional appearance, this bullet designs mimics that of a real security camera; includes an imitation video cable  
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring needed; includes a security alert warning decal; adjustable for added convenience to place at different angles around any building, house, apartment, etc. (requires 2xAA batteries, not included)

For outdoor use, place in covered area to prevent rain damage & remove during extreme temperatures.